RemoteHybrid, DXC, and Haworth partner to seamlessly deliver work-from-home furniture

RemoteHybrid provided a platform for seamless ordering and distribution of work from home furniture. Coordinating with Europlan, Haworth, and DXC Technology, RemoteHybrid was able to quickly outfit 200 employees across New Zealand with company-approved home office bundles.

Read the Case Study.

Case Study

In this case study from Europlan, see how RemoteRetail Partnered with Furniture Supplier Haworth and Europlan to deliver ergonomic furniture for their teams and staff working remotely from home.

Hybrid work by the numbers: 14 stats to see

This article from the Enterprisers Project by Kevin Casey shares 14 statistics (and then some) that speak to the state of hybrid work models – combining office and remote work – and what’s next.

Don’t Force People to Come Back to the Office Full Time

This article from Harvard Business Review by Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom, and Steven J. Davis analyzes the pros and cons of companies’ decisions to return to the office full time.

Raytheon plans to cut office space by 25% as it embraces hybrid work

This article from by Tyler Clifford discusses Raytheon’s plan to cut office space by 25% as it embraces hybrid work.

Ford delays return-to-work program until January due to Covid delta surge

This article by Michael Wayland from CNBC shares Ford’s recent decision to delay their return-to-work program until January 2022 due to the Covid delta variant surge. 

BlackRock and Wells Fargo Delay Return to Office on Delta Concerns

This article by Hannah Levitt and Annie Massa from Bloomberg discusses BlackRock and Wells Fargo’s plans to delay return to office amid Delta variant concerns. 

For many workers, the return to offices has become ‘The Great Wait.’ It’s costing employers millions

This article from by Jennifer Liu discusses companies that are delaying their return to in person work.

AmEx Goes Hybrid With Most Workers at Home Mondays and Fridays

In this article from by Jennifer Surane, American Express shares its plan to shift to hybrid with most workers at home Mondays and Fridays

Our Work-from-Anywhere Future

In this article from Harvard Business Review, Raj Choudhury shared best practices from work-from-anywhere companies.

home office, notebook, home-569153.jpg

That Home Office Might Be Here To Stay

In this article from, Martha White writes that workers are flexing their pandemic-era right to flexibility in work from home offices.

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