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Create a better work-from-anywhere
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The RemoteHybrid platform is a leading Microsoft Azure-based enterprise solution that facilitates the delivery, replacement, or refresh of work-from-anywhere equipment and accessories by streamlining and centralizing the process. The results: improved productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

How It Works

1. Employees—no matter their location—access the procurement hub and provide information about their specific home or hybrid workplace location and conditions.

2. The platform identifies their needs and gives access to company-approved and company-paid-for products that will increase employee productivity.

3. Employees easily place an order for equipment and accessories that are shipped directly to them from company-selected suppliers.

RemoteHybrid Work-from-Anywhere Enterprise Solution

Benefits of RemoteHybrid

Drive business results with an efficient work-from-anywhere workforce.

For Employers


Attract and retain your work-from-anywhere workforce. The enterprise can better manage its procurement processes and minimize the typical red tape delays and multi-layered approvals that frustrate employees and burden managers. Equipment ships from the manufacturer, eliminating the need to manage inventory. Reduce the onboarding process and streamline equipment acquisition so that your employees can focus on the work that matters most to your business.

For Employees


Employees can directly access the RemoteHybrid platform and select from company pre-approved work-from-anywhere products personalized for each employee using country-specific catalogs. The RemoteHybrid platform is self-help-oriented and employee-driven. In addition to ordering products, employees can track the delivery status of their orders and obtain support utilizing the platform’s user-friendly and robust features.

The future of work has been forever transformed.

The need to deliver work-from-anywhere equipment to global team members no matter where they are located and at any time is a critical business need in today's evolving work environment.

RemoteHybrid facilitates the delivery, replacement, or refresh of work-from-anywhere equipment by streamlining and centralizing the entire process.

No bureaucratic or complicated approvals, no long delays—one consolidated resource that benefits the entire enterprise.

The future workplace is everywhere.

The RemoteHybrid platform serves as a centralized channel for the ordering, tracking, delivery, and inventory management of the equipment and accessories your work-from-anywhere team members need to be successful. Empower employees to directly manage their individual needs, enhance productivity, and, most importantly, improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

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Attract & Retain Talent

Home and hybrid work is the new normal and the expectation. The platform facilitates equipment procurement for a flexible work environment—an essential for talent attraction and retention.


Increase Productivity & Employee Satisfaction

With RemoteHybrid, employees have the tools they need to successfully do their jobs, removing frustrations and enabling them to focus their energy and attention where it matters the most—meeting the needs of your valued customers.


Integrate with Global Suppliers

RemoteHybrid integrates with leading global suppliers, supporting brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Jabra, and Haworth.


Scale Your Business

A per month, per employee SaaS pricing structure ensures the platform easily scales with your business as your workforce scales.


"At DXC, we have embraced a work-from-anywhere model for our global workforce of over 130,000, situated in 70 different countries. Faced with the logistical and administrative challenges of getting our team members the tools and equipment they need to perform most effectively, we had to find a uniform and efficient way to deliver company-approved equipment and accessories. RemoteHybrid has been instrumental to our success in rapidly developing and deploying an employee-centric and user-friendly platform that enables product selection and delivery as well as procurement and inventory management. Employee response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our employees are happier, more engaged, and are working and collaborating more efficiently. RemoteHybrid has delivered for us, reducing red tape, eliminating needless distraction, and expediting our ability to get our team members the tools to meet the needs of our valued customers.”

Chris Drumgoole

Security Compliance


"I love this service and have given rave reviews. [It] makes it much easier to work from home!"

"The process is smooth, seamless, and easy!"

"I just read the email that my equipment has been sent, and literally within 5 minutes my doorbell rang, and it was delivered."

"Wow, that was easy!"

"The system is working brilliantly!"

"Overall the experience was great and I could complete the order in less than 5 minutes."


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Empowering a better work-from-anywhere employee experience

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