Revolutionize the way employees procure technology essentials for their workspaces- at home, in-office or hybrid.

Through its innovative global marketplace, RemoteHybrid revolutionizes the way global employees procure technology essentials for their workspaces, whether they are working from the office, home, or in a hybrid environment. Deployed in over 60 countries and SOC2 certified, RemoteHybrid ensures compliance with local labor requirements while offering a consistent, personalized experience to employees worldwide. Employees benefit from immediate access to company-approved products, enhancing productivity and work environment continuity. Meanwhile, organizations enjoy improved retention rates, a better employee experience, cost savings and enhanced efficiency through centralized payment and oversight.

Make it easier for your team to do their best work.

See why teams have trusted RemoteHybrid to deliver over $25+ million of equipment to more than 60 countries around the world.

Cost Containment

  • Essential equipment at competitive prices
  • Pre-negotiated pricing from leading global suppliers
  • Reduced cost of administration due to centralized payment, reporting, and oversight

Employee Experience

  • Employees get what they need when they need it — easy access to company-approved and company-paid-for products
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved retention


  • Enhanced control and governance – single procurement hub for centralized ordering and management leads to greater efficiencies
  • SOC2 certified 
  • Reduce waste and promote corporate sustainability with managed equipment recovery
  • Local compliance


  • Quickly respond to help desk tickets
  • View detailed customer order information and current status
  • Communicate with suppliers and other collaborators to resolve any issues
  • View per-country product catalogs and real-time product availability

How It Works

1.  Logging in through a secure portal, your employees—whether remote, in-office or Hybrid—provide information about their specific work environment and location.

2. The platform identifies their needs and based on location presents company-approved and company-paid-for workplace equipment like headsets, monitors and keyboards.

3. Your employees order equipment that ships to them directly from company-selected suppliers. Easy, quick and effective. 

DXC Gear monitor

Employees order the equipment they need for an optimal work environment—at home, in-office or hybrid.

Employee Satisfaction

Self-directed equipment ordering empowers employees and improves satisfaction

Global and Scalable

Global support for enterprises of all sizes and flexible purchasing limits for individuals and roles.

Reduced Costs

Simplified, unified, and streamlined ordering process with competitive pricing reduces costs – both directly and indirectly.

Trusted Suppliers

Leverage existing relationships with qualified, established, and vetted global suppliers

Centralized Management

All-in-one, centralized location for robust reporting, analytics, and order management.

Unlimited Support

Supports pre-approved catalogs specific to countries and regions with unlimited SKUs

Employees order the products and accessories they need for an optimal work environment—anywhere in the world.

Businesses attract job seekers, retain talent and save time and money.


"At DXC, we have embraced a work-from-anywhere model for our global workforce of over 130,000, situated in 70 different countries. Faced with the logistical and administrative challenges of getting our team members the tools and equipment they need to perform most effectively, we had to find a uniform and efficient way to deliver company-approved equipment and accessories. RemoteHybrid has been instrumental to our success in rapidly developing and deploying an employee-centric and user-friendly platform that enables product selection and delivery as well as procurement and inventory management. Employee response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our employees are happier, more engaged, and are working and collaborating more efficiently. RemoteHybrid has delivered for us, reducing red tape, eliminating needless distraction, and expediting our ability to get our team members the tools to meet the needs of our valued customers."



How is your company providing employees with the equipment they need to succeed?

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RemoteRetail, DXC, and Haworth partner to seamlessly deliver work-from-home furniture


RemoteHybrid provided a platform for seamless ordering and distribution of work from home furniture.

Coordinating with Europlan, Haworth, and DXC Technology, RemoteHybrid was able to quickly outfit 200 employees across New Zealand with company-approved home office bundles.

Read the Case Study.

See what Employees who use the platform have to say!

"Excellent process, punctuality, packing and quality of product and service."

"Very quick and easy to use system."

“Easy to order. Clear communication. Equipment has been great since I started using it.”

Security Compliance

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The future of work has been forever transformed.

The ability to deliver work-from-anywhere equipment to global team members is a now critical business need.

RemoteHybrid centralizes the delivery, replacement, or refresh of work-from-anywhere equipment to your global workforce.

No bureaucratic or complicated approvals, no long delays—one consolidated resource that benefits the entire enterprise.

Increased employee satisfaction. Improved productivity. Optimized operations.

Let us show you how.

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